Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Testimonials: Classes

Alyssa & Brian E.

Dr. Laura Pendlebury
Henrico Doctors Hospital
Our classes with Amy were extremely informative and enlightening. She has an obvious passion for childbirth education and is quite effective at communicating. We believe after taking her class we were as knowledgeable as untrained people could be about the pregnancy and the birthing process. The books she recommended to us were useful both before and after the birth of our son. We planned a natural childbirth and she was a great resource for our birthing plan and preparation. When our baby turned breech, she gave us contacts and information to help us through the uncertainty. When we ended up having to have a c-section birth, but she was able to guide us through different questions we should ask and different things we might experience post-partum. Because of this (and extremely good care by our OB-GYN and nurses) we were able to have a very smooth recovery. She was (and remains) available for questions at any time.
Jeanette & Mike C.
Dr. Sumac Diaz
CJW Chippenham Medical Center
I had a private class with Amy for my pregnancy. She came to our house and helped my husband and I realize that although we were health professionals and though we knew a lot about labor and delivery we still did not have to succumb to the medical model of the process. Without Amy I would never have had the confidence to truly believe that a natural birth is something I could have achieved. She also provided great resource videos and handouts and encouraged us to get a doula, which was the best decision we could have made. I would recommend Amy's class to any family interested in natural birth.